Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

Thanh Restaurant – Irvine – 949-559-7788

Posted by k on January 25, 2008

Thanh Restaurant – Irvine – 949-559-7788 –  15315 Culver Drive #140, 92604

Very clean and nicely decorated upscale restaurant befitting of it’s Irvine location.

Com Tam (Gum Tum) – translates to broken rice. A filling meal of rice with delicious grilled meat or seafood, served with pickled vegetables, sometimes with egg-foo-young patty or a fried egg. Drizzle the fish sauce all over and you’ve got a pretty tasty rice dish.

I like the Com Ga (Gum Gaah) – Chicken Rice from the Thanh (Ton)  restaurant in Irvine. They put these tasty thin onion ring-like strips over a generous portion of the salad.


3 Responses to “Thanh Restaurant – Irvine – 949-559-7788”

  1. ngoc said

    This place is way overpriced. Good service is totally non existence. Their cook and waiters shouldn’t be sitting under the patio smoking. That looked so unprofessional and definitely not an inviting place to eat for some of the non smoking customers.

  2. SAIGON said

    I do agree with Ngoc’s comments. We went there once and never came back. They had their cheap labourers who were not Vietnamese to cook the noodles which came out like broken rice. Service was so unfriendly and I personally thought the waiter was so rude. DO NOT TRY THIS PLACE AT ALL.

  3. Cam said

    The majority of traditional Vietnamese restaurants have very poor customer service. As American culture influences the younger generation, it will hopefully improve but the Vietnamese culture is similar to Chinese culture which is very bad customer service and dirty with lack of hygiene. Too bad the Japanese culture didn’t influence the Vietnamese culture for 1000 years because they’re clean and have better customer service. Don’t go to Vietnamese restaurants expecting great ambiance, cleanliness, or customer service. Go there for cheap, tasty food.

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