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Pho Bach Yen – Garden Grove – (714) 636-3016

Posted by k on February 10, 2008

Pho Bach Yen, Garden Grove – (714) 636-3016, 9786 Westminster, 92844

One of the best deals for Pho around, free drink, nuoc mat, (nook mak), free appetizer rolls: Nem Nuong (Num Noong) – Spring rolls (not fried egg rolls). Rice paper sheets wrapped around lettuce, mint, pork with a peanut dipping sauce, and finally free sweet bean dessert, che (jair) 

Pho (Fuh) – Most popular noodle soup of Vietnam. Rice noodle with meat usually beef, onion, ginger broth, beansprouts, lime, and basil. There are hundreds of Pho noodle shops and each one depends on personal tastes.

A common misconception is that you have to drink all the broth in the entire soup thus Pho is too filling of a meal. But in reality most people just eat the noodles and meat and leave a large portion of the broth uneaten. Pho broth is very fatty by the way so it is unhealthy to drink it in large amounts on a daily basis.

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Phuong Restaurant – (714) 534-3339 – Garden Grove

Posted by k on February 4, 2008

Phuong Restaurant – (714) 534-3339 – Garden Grove, 10722 Westminster Ave, 92843

Known for it’s hu tieu (who tew) noodle soup. There are 2 kinds of noodles to choose from, the regular white rice noodle, ban mem (Bun ma’am) or the clear, chewy transparent noodle, ban dai, (Bun yai). Most people order it dry, kho (hoe), so that there the soup base is separate and a shrimp, tomato sauce is provided. The noodles are in a separate bowl with pork slices, shrimp, egg, squid.

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