Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

Sing Sing Bakery – Westminster (714) 775-8307

Posted by k on September 9, 2008

Sing Sing Bakery – Westminster (714) 775-8307 – 9600 Bolsa Suite A, 92683

Many Vietnamese bakeries in Orange County that make French influenced pastries such as ban pate chaud (bun patty soul) which is like an empanada, flaky crust with meat patty inside. There’s also ban bao (bun bow) which is a fluffy white flour ball with meat/egg patty inside which is a popular breakfast food. For parties, many people like to buy the ban trai cai (bun try kay) which is a fruit pie, a flaky crust topped with cream and then on top of that fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwi, oranges in a clear gelatin sauce. It is not too sweet so many older folks enjoy it.

I bought my wedding cake from Sing Sing Bakery and they did a very nice job, tasty and looked great but half the price of that other overpriced Vietnamese cake specialist, Final Touch.


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