Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

Huynh Restaurant – Westminster – (714) 531-7379

Posted by k on December 14, 2008

Huynh Restaurant – Westminster – (714) 531-7379 – 9500 Bolsa Ave # B,  92683

Another one of the new, modern Vietnamese restaurants that are popping up around Little Saigon. This one is surrounded by a bunch of new restaurants that hopefully will survive. Right on Bolsa Ave this little mom n’ pop restaurant is clean with good service and good food that is reasonably priced. They advertise their specialties as Bun Cha Ha Noi, Pho Ga, Cha Ca Thanh Long. I’ve only tried the Pho Ga and it’s ok, about on par as those other 50% off Pho Ga special places not as good as my favorite roach motel Pho 86. My husband is very fond of the Bun Oc (Boon Oak) here which is a noodle soup with snail meat. He says they serve more snail meat in the soup than most places. He also says the Com Phan Gia Dinh (Come Fun Ya Ding) is good here which is family style Vietnamese meals with a variety of soup, fish dish, meat dish, vegetable dish.


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