Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

Pho Thang Long – Westminster – (714) 839-4955

Posted by k on December 29, 2008

Pho Thang Long – Westminster – (714) 839-4955, 9550 Bolsa Ave #115F, 92683
This Pho noodle restaurant opens until 3AM so late night party’ers can come here if they are craving a bowl of Pho. Usually Pho late at night is saltier than a fresh batch in the morning because the broth has been stewing for quite a while. Watch that sodium intake! My husband is fond of the Pho with the beef meatballs here, Pho Bo Vien (Fuh Ball Vean) that is Vietnamese style meatballs where they cut it in half and there’s a chewy texture due to the tendon meat they mix in with the beef. A lot of people like the Pho Tai (Fuh Tie) which is very slim sliced steak while I like Pho Nam Gan which is beef brisket and tendon meat. There are also other traditional Vietnamese meals served here but I’ve rarely tried them. Most of time, non-Pho dishes aren’t good at Pho places and they take a long time to make since people rarely order them.
This is one of the newer modern places where it doesn’t look like a roach motel.


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