Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

California Shabu Shabu – (714) 963-8844 – Fountain Valley

Posted by k on May 3, 2010

California Shabu Shabu – (714) 963-8844 – Fountain Valley – 18908 Brookhurst St, 92708 –

A crowded place where you go and have a hot pot type meal and cook your raw meat and veggies in the hot pot in front of you. Food was pricey and a little tasteless since everything was basically boiled but you feel virtuous in not eating any fried or greasy. The service wasn’t that great here. You wait for a LONG time and I didn’t find the young waiters very friendly. They were very busy and we had to repeatedly ask for things that should have been standard. I would not come here again due to the long wait and poor service I encountered on my last visit in 2010.


One Response to “California Shabu Shabu – (714) 963-8844 – Fountain Valley”

  1. Tracie said

    How cool that you still keep this page up!
    One of my co-workers mentioned yesterday that he hasn’t found any good Vietnamese restaurants near work. Have you heard of any good places in Orange?
    Hope all is well,

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