Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

Viet Pronunciation & About Me

Most Vietnamese Restaurants specialize in one or two dishes. Some try to do it all and serve all sorts of dishes.

In the pronunciation notes, the G is pronounced with a hard G sound like G in Great not soft G like Genie, and aah is pronounced like the ending ah like in hoorah.

Note regarding condiments – It’s usually fine to put them on any part of the dish. They are there on the table like salt and pepper for you to use to taste. Usually the condiments include various hot pepper and hot sauce for those who like spicy meals. Most of the dishes come with a bowl of sweet and salty fish sauce, Nuoc Cham or Nuoc Mam, (Nook Chum or Nook Mum) which you drizzle lightly over your meal with a spoon or dip meat into.

I’m a terrible cook, thus I eat out a lot especially at Vietnamese Restaurants so here is a guide to Orange County Vietnamese Restaurants mainly for my American friends. I hate seafood so this is not a good site for seafood lovers.  I have not been paid or solicited by any restaurants for these reviews.

made in vietnam

made in vietnam

7 Responses to “Viet Pronunciation & About Me”

  1. 🙂

  2. Minh Carter said

    Dear Cam,

    I know your friend Lia through work (Golden West College Library). Thank you for such a wonderful, informative, and funny web site. I really enjoy it and am forwarding it to my friends.

    Thank you.

  3. Great work organizing all this information! We love to cook Vietnamese food and eat! 🙂

    Hong and Kim
    Ravenous Couple: Cooking up Life

  4. michelle said

    DUDE@!!!!!!!!!i’m so glad i found your blog
    i just moved to the orange county area to visit family and am desperate for some great places to eat – and because it is a thriving vietnamese community – i want great vietnamese food.

    do you have places to recommend for the best thing ever – the crepe… the one at van’s restaurant, seems so small….

    also, best pho and also anything else that i should try? i really really want to get good dessert cups with all the gooey yumness of eating a very unfamiliar vietnamese summer drink – do i have it wrong? educate me!!! hope to eat with ya! haha!!!



  5. Tamzilla said

    awesome website and very helpful! I wish I knew about this site ahead of time before making my visit to Garden Grove.

  6. Anonymous said

    Do you know which restaurant serves Xoi Chien Phong? They are these giant sticky rice balls?
    Thank you so much

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