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Le Croissant Dore – (714) 895-3070 – Westminster

Posted by k on October 29, 2010

Le Croissant Dore – (714) 895-3070 – Westminster – 9122 Bolsa Ave, 92683

This French Vietnamese bakery is known for its fruit topped flan cakes Ban Trai Cay (Bun Try Kay) which are often ordered for parties. Many tasty french style pastries but this place is also know for its Bo Kho with Banh Mi or Hu Tieu (Baw Hall with Bun Me or Who Tew) Beef stew with French Bread or Noodles. Bo Kho is a spicy & hearty beef stew with carrots, beef chunks, onion, tendon, and a bit of curry spice.

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Song Long – (714) 775-3724 – Westminster

Posted by k on October 29, 2010

Song Long – (714) 775-3724 – Westminster – 9361 Bolsa Ave # 108, 92683
Hours as of 10/2010 were open 7 days a week 9am to 9:30pm

French/Vietnamese style dishes but the Cha Ca Thanh Long (Ja Ka Ton Long) which is the sizzling curry fish served with fresh fragrant dill herbs where you also mix yourself with vermicilli noodle, greens. Has other Vietnamese staples like bun thit nuong. I tried the banh khot (Bun Caulk) here and it was not good. That is the round little half rice cakes served with mint and lettuce. For good banh khot I recommend going to Khanh Hoa instead.

This place is also known for baked goods so if you order a french steak type dish you get the warmed up french roll which is not too bad.

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Ban Mai – (714) 894-8432 – Westminster

Posted by k on October 28, 2010

Ban Mai – (714) 894-8432 – Westminster, 8890 Bolsa Ave, 92683
located in the ABC Supermarket complex near Bank of America.
A smelly, hole in the wall, probably rat infested place but known for the noodle soups.
Known for bun (boon) soups, in particular the bun thap cam (boon tup come) which is seafood noodle soup. The bun thit nuong (boon tick none) – cold vermicilli noodles with grilled pork isn’t too bad here either. The meat is a little on the fatty side but that is what makes it tasty.

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Huong Huong Food to Go – (714) 895-6551 – Westminster

Posted by k on October 28, 2010

Huong Huong Food to Go – (714) 895-6551 – Westminster, 9262 Bolsa Ave #C, 92683

A big buffet of food that you can point to and choose to take home. Lots of different Vietnamese food classics and staples. Sort of the a Vietnamese style Boston Market restaurant.

Another location is at 9892 Westminster Ave #315, Garden Grove, CA 92643, (714) 534-4820 – located in the 99 cent store complex near Brodard Restaurant.

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Cay Dua – (714) 839-7799 – Santa Ana

Posted by k on October 28, 2010

Cay Dua – (714) 839-7799 – Santa Ana – 3522 W First St, 92703 next to Favori Restaurant across from the Ace Hardware store. Corner of First and Jackson Streets. Hours as of Oct 2010 were: Mon – Wed 10am to 9pm, Fri – Sun 10am – 10pm.

A small restaurant known for the Cha ca thanh long (jaa ka tan long) which is sizzling fish with dill served with vermicilli noodles. Bun Mam Bac Lieu is also popular here. The specials are Ban si va le nem chua ba diem, lau mam, banh canh tom cua.

Banh Xeo (Bun sale) is good here as well. That is the savory crepe like pancake that you eat with mint and herbs.

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Ajisen Ramen – Irvine – (949) 833-3288

Posted by k on October 21, 2010

Ajisen Ramen – Irvine – (949) 833-3288, 2700 Alton Parkway, Suite 145

This is one of many restaurants in a huge Japanese/Korean complex. The ramen soup was good although a little pricey.

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O Udon – Fountain Valley – (714) 427-0482

Posted by k on October 21, 2010

O Udon – Fountain Valley – (714) 427-0482, 17870 Newhope St # 102, 92708

If you’re a fan of Japanese udon soup this is the place for you. You know udon noodles – the big chewy noodles. I like this place because you can put as many green onions (scallions), ginger, and crushed tempura on your soup as you like. This is pretty standard fastfood Japanese fare but I like the price and food. Located in the big Costco complex by Pet Smart and Big Lots.

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Mirada Restaurant – Fountain Valley – (714) 842-7892

Posted by k on October 21, 2010

Mirada Restaurant – Fountain Valley – (714) 842-7892 – 9102 Edinger Ave, 92708 between Bushard and Magnolia. Hours as of 10/2010 were: Mon-Thurs 11am – 9pm, Fri-Sun: 11am-9:30pm, Closed on Tuesday

This is a family favorite restaurant. Run down and dirty as most Vietnamese restaurants are, but the food is good for  the big family style meals featuring fish. Pricier than typical Vietnamese restaurants but the fish is fresh. Ca Kho To (Ka Hall Toe) – Fish in a sweet caramel sauce. Com Gia Dinh (Gum Ya Din) Family style meals – usually with Rau Muong (Rao Moon)- spinach-like salad, ca hap (Ka Hup) – fish crispy and in a caramel sauce, also Ca Bap Choi soup (Ka Bup Chew) – fish soup.

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Kang Lac Bakery – Westminster – 714-894-6122

Posted by k on October 21, 2010

Kang Lac Bakery –  Westminster – 714-894-6122, 9301 Bolsa Ave, 92683

A small bakery specializing in Chao.  Chao Ca (CHOW KA) is a rice congee soup with fish Ca, or chicken Ga (Gaahh) that is normally served when one is sick like the American Chicken Noodle Soup, it is a comfort food that is good for those who have problems chewing.

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Tay Thuong – Garden Grove – 714-530-7077

Posted by k on June 21, 2010

Tay Thuong – Garden Grove – 714-530-7077  –  9904 Westminster Ave, CA 92844

Tues to Sun 9am to 9pm, closed on Mondays. The beef noodle soup Bun Bo Hue (Boon Baw Way) and yellow noodle salad soup Mi Quang (Me Kwan) is good here.

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