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A guide to mostly good Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

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Casa Inka – Fountain Valley (714) 847-7555

Posted by k on September 9, 2008

Casa Inka – Fountain Valley (714) 847-7555 – 8610 Warner Ave, 92708

This is one of a few Peruvian restaurants I’ve visited in Orange County. Nice ambience but afraid it may not last since very few customers whenever I’ve been there. Wait service is slow but food is tasty if you like Peruvian food. The owner Angel is actually Cuban and stopped by our table to introduce himself, his Peruvian wife, Anna is the chef. They advertised $7 lunch specials so I tried that and was very disappointed that the portion of chicken was small like a single drumstick on a bed of cilantro rice. Guess that’s why it was only 7 bucks. Dinner was a little pricey but portions more generous.

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Sing Sing Bakery – Westminster (714) 775-8307

Posted by k on September 9, 2008

Sing Sing Bakery – Westminster (714) 775-8307 – 9600 Bolsa Suite A, 92683

Many Vietnamese bakeries in Orange County that make French influenced pastries such as ban pate chaud (bun patty soul) which is like an empanada, flaky crust with meat patty inside. There’s also ban bao (bun bow) which is a fluffy white flour ball with meat/egg patty inside which is a popular breakfast food. For parties, many people like to buy the ban trai cai (bun try kay) which is a fruit pie, a flaky crust topped with cream and then on top of that fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwi, oranges in a clear gelatin sauce. It is not too sweet so many older folks enjoy it.

I bought my wedding cake from Sing Sing Bakery and they did a very nice job, tasty and looked great but half the price of that other overpriced Vietnamese cake specialist, Final Touch.

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Pho Vie II – Garden Grove (714) 539-5224

Posted by k on September 9, 2008

Pho Vie II – Garden Grove (714) 539-5224 – 10120 Westminster Ave, 92843

Another Pho shop that seems to be related to Pho Thanh. It is notable because it was one of the first to have the 50% Pho Ga special. A good deal for a bowl of Vietnamese style chicken noodle soup. Still, my favorite hands down is Pho 86 since the broth doesn’t seem to be as oily there.

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Binh Minh – Garden Grove (714) 636-7103

Posted by k on September 9, 2008

Binh Minh – Garden Grove (714) 636-7103 – 9908 Westminster Ave, 92844, closed Wednesdays. Sun to Thurs 9am to 9pm, Fri-Sat: 9am to 9:30pm

Specializing in Northern Vietnamese dishes like Bun Cha Ha Noi (Boon Jaa Ha Noy) and Bung (Boong). Located in the 99 cent store complex.

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Pho Thanh – Westminster (714) 839-9882

Posted by k on September 9, 2008

Pho Thanh – Westminster (714) 839-9882 – 9625 Bolsa Ave, 92683

This Pho noodle restaurant opens 24 hours so late night party’ers can come here if they are craving a bowl of Pho. Usually Pho late at night is saltier than a fresh batch in the morning because the broth has been stewing for quite a while. Watch that sodium intake! Recently a number of Pho shops are offer a 50% off deal since there are a gazillion Pho restaurants in Westminster. This place offers 50% off of Pho Ga (Fuh Gaah) which is the Chicken Noodle soup from 8 am to 8 pm. Still, my favorite Pho Ga shop is still Pho 86.

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Banh Cuon Tay Ho 4 – Westminster – 714-839-1389

Posted by k on March 31, 2008

Banh Cuon Tay Ho 4 – Westminster – 714-839-1389

9629 Bolsa Ave, 92683

One of the best places for banh cuon, thin rice sheets served with parboiled beansprouts and cha lua (pork ham) and fish sauce. You can get the rice sheets alone, banh uot, or with shredded pork mushroom filling, banh cuon nhan thit which is my favorite. Also served with fried yam/shrimp tempura.

This place is quite the roach motel, a strong smell of fish sauce and your feet stick to the ground.

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Pho Bach Yen – Garden Grove – (714) 636-3016

Posted by k on February 10, 2008

Pho Bach Yen, Garden Grove – (714) 636-3016, 9786 Westminster, 92844

One of the best deals for Pho around, free drink, nuoc mat, (nook mak), free appetizer rolls: Nem Nuong (Num Noong) – Spring rolls (not fried egg rolls). Rice paper sheets wrapped around lettuce, mint, pork with a peanut dipping sauce, and finally free sweet bean dessert, che (jair) 

Pho (Fuh) – Most popular noodle soup of Vietnam. Rice noodle with meat usually beef, onion, ginger broth, beansprouts, lime, and basil. There are hundreds of Pho noodle shops and each one depends on personal tastes.

A common misconception is that you have to drink all the broth in the entire soup thus Pho is too filling of a meal. But in reality most people just eat the noodles and meat and leave a large portion of the broth uneaten. Pho broth is very fatty by the way so it is unhealthy to drink it in large amounts on a daily basis.

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Phuong Restaurant – (714) 534-3339 – Garden Grove

Posted by k on February 4, 2008

Phuong Restaurant – (714) 534-3339 – Garden Grove, 10722 Westminster Ave, 92843

Known for it’s hu tieu (who tew) noodle soup. There are 2 kinds of noodles to choose from, the regular white rice noodle, ban mem (Bun ma’am) or the clear, chewy transparent noodle, ban dai, (Bun yai). Most people order it dry, kho (hoe), so that there the soup base is separate and a shrimp, tomato sauce is provided. The noodles are in a separate bowl with pork slices, shrimp, egg, squid.

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Athen’s West – (714) 536-6112 – Huntington Beach

Posted by k on January 26, 2008

Athen’s West – (714) 536-6112 – Huntington Beach – 7101 Yorktown Ave. 92648 –

One of many fast food Greek restaurants. Typical fare of Gyros, Kabobs, and Greek Salad.

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Uyen Thy Bistro – Westminster – (714) 898-9889

Posted by k on January 25, 2008

Yen Thy Bistro – Westminster – (714) 898-9889 – 9030 Bolsa Ave #101, 92683 (Behind the 7-11 store)

One of many French-Vietnamese cafes in Orange County serving French influenced Vietnamese food like steak and wine chicken. Located in the former place of well-known french/viet Tai Buu restaurant. Nothing particular stands out as awesomely good but not bad either. The Com Ga Xe Phai (kum gahh sair fye) shredded chicken & rice here is good but a little on the sweet side, they must have a heavy hand with the sugar. I also like the bamboo shoot and chicken noodle soup cause it seems healthy but a little tasteless for those who don’t like bamboo shoots which is an acquired taste imho.

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